Sunday School Classes Currently Meeting


Classes Offered Class Summary Current Topic
Encouragers This class is open to all adults, and meets in the main basement fellowship area. The class studies various topics. "Life Preservers" by Bob Russell
Family Builders The class is for couples and parents and meets in the large west room in the main basement area. It focuses on family issues. The class studies various topics of interest to families. Lessons adapted from 10 Challenges of a World Changer by Ron Luce and Parenting Today's Adolescent by Dennis & Barb Riley
Master's Servants This class meets in the far north basement and studies various topics of interest. Joshua
Pathfinders This is an adult class and is for anyone desiring to attend. The class will discuss and review basic Bible stories. New Testament Survey
Seekers This class, a senior adult class, has as its study the uniform Bible lessons. All adults are welcome to attend! International Sunday School Lessons
Video Class This adult class views videos on various subjects. The class meets in the basement. Various
CIA - Young Adults This class is for young adults out of high school, and meets in the north basement area. Selected Studies

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